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Hey There...

I'm Dana Lahargoue, a teacher of quality quilting instruction!


​I have been behind a sewing machine since I was 8 years old, pulling my Singer sewing machine in my red wagon over to Sears for lessons. I shortly began making my own clothes, bathing suits, prom dresses, and even my wedding dress. In 2001, I made my first quilt, "Hearts and Nine Patches", and as you can imagine my life went through a major change. Hand applique, very precise piecing and free motion quilting have become my passion and I was quickly obsessed (I feel like you all can relate). I had the privilege to begin teaching just 2 short years later in 2003. I love to teach all levels and all techniques; my current obsession being foundation paper piecing. I am a quilter who very much appreciates all aspects of quilt making from the pressing and cutting of fabric to the final stitch with the label on the back. Its all part of the quilt journey! My favorite classes are my beginning quilt classes and I get such a joy when a beginning student has that "ah ha" moment and I know that they are now part of the exclusive, wonderful club of quilting.


​I am a Regional Safety Director for a large commercial General Contractor by day and find my true calling in the evenings and weekends. I live in Northern California at the base of the foothills. I am a mom to a favorite daughter and a favorite son, and a grandma to 9 grandkids. My family is definitely dog lovers and I have a Labrador, named Buddy and a rescue, named Dora. Buddy even has a quilt named after him, "Dog Tooth Star". Yes, there is a story behind the name that involves him chewing pieces of my quilt in the making. ​


I very much enjoy the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, thrifting and antiquing and most of all watching my Granddaughter Maddie play soccer in college (she is a goalie). I so appreciate and have a huge love for antique quilt tops that have been orphaned. I hope that whatever quilter made the top they know that my mission is to admire, love and take care of it where they left off. 

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